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Go Go, Gadget Notepad

This "Palm T/X" needs a better name. "Handspring" was a good name; "Clié" was a good name. Neither "Palm" nor "T/X" are good names. Maybe I'll call it Smithers. Or possibly Widget.

Anyway, experimenting last night revealed that Smithers/Widget/whatever doesn't synch up with Outlook Express -- which means among other things that all that time I spent pulling down my gmail messages was wasted. ;P So if I want to integrate the contacts and calendar info (which was one of the big points of the thing, after all), I'm going to have to get a full copy of Outlook.

The interface is a little clunky, but that can probably be fixed with some tweaking. (One of the high points of the Clié was its very nice interface.) On the other hand, integrated WiFi is very nice, especially compared with the rubbish WiFi expansion card the Clié was saddled with.

I've got to dig out my old Palm applications and see if there's any worth installing; they consist mostly of cheapola games, tho, so most of them probably won't be. The main thing this one doesn't have that I really regret is the ability to record quick little movies -- like when the Brood X Cicadas come around. That's a fun little thing I'll miss.

-The Gneech

PS: Boswell? Palmy? Ms. Gooch?
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