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Artspots/Jaxpad Pick of the Indeterminate Time Period

Been a while since I did one of these, but I've not really been in a frame of mind to have my attention grabbed by art as often as I would like lately. Hopefully that's changing now. :) Meanwhile!

'visioncrafter - winter icon' by Louvelex
'visioncrafter - winter icon' by Louvelex

Some sorta half-kirin, half-jackalope, drinking hot chocolate. Works for me! :) Very atmospheric.

'Jamy - pointy' by Yamavu
'Jamy - pointy' by Yamavu

A wolf-tailed bunny (or possibly bunny-eared wolf) randomly pointing at something in whitespace land. Art's like that. I love the expressive face on this one.

-The Gneech
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