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Happy Birthday, higginsdragon!

For your present, here's today's Forgotten English (© Jeffrey Kacirk):

A favorite liquor among the common people, composed of ale and roasted apples. The pulp of the roasted apple [was] worked up with the ale till the mixture formed a smooth beverage. Fanciful etymologies for this popular word have been thought of, but it was probably named from its smoothness, resembling the wool of lambs.
--Robert Nares' Glossary of the Works of English Authors, 1859

The pulpe of the roasted apples, in number foure or five, according to the greatness of the apples, mixed in a quart of faire water, laboured together untill it come to be as apples and ale, which we call lambes-wooll.
--Thomas Johnson's Gerard's Herball, 1633

A corruption of la mas ubhal, that is, day of the apple fruit.
--Rev. John Boag's Imperial Lexicon, c. 1850

"Tenth Night" Cheer
After hosting a dinner party for friends on this date in 1667, English diarist Samuel Pepys wrote of drinking a lamb's-wool nightcap: "At night to sup, and then to cards and, last of all, to have a flagon of ale and apples, drunk out of a wooden cup as a Christmas draught, which made all merry."

Everythingll is betterll with superflluous llll's.

-The Gneechll
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