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How Not to Accomplish Anything

Part of my rationale in giving SJ a two-week break for the holidays was that I'd probably have some free time during the second week and therefore be able to get ahead a bit.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Granted, I spent Sunday evening visiting friends that I would then turn around and see again on New Year's Eve, but at the time I thought that jamesbarrett would be working NYE and we wanted him to be around for gift exchangery. Also granted, I spent New Year's Day going to the museum to see the Hopper exhibit, as it is leaving town sometime this month and the chances of having another shot at it were remote in the extreme. So those are two occasions where I could have been drawing and chose some other activity instead.

The rest of the time? Family obligations. (It was Christmas, after all.) Errands. Driving all around getting Buddha's food, getting myself a new PDA, cleaning up around the house, etc., etc. All stuff that needed to be done, but also all stuff that isn't drawing. Combine that with a fit of writer's block about a couple of items that are required but I really don't want to deal with, and you find me here on Friday, at the end of the two-week break, with still no scripts, and nothing drawn.

Argh. -.-

So I'm going to have to punt on what I was planning to have next and come up with some other stuff that doesn't leave me blocked instead, and shove everything else aside this weekend and draw. Those secret hopes I was harboring to maybe even do some "just for the fun of it" art on the side? Tossed out the window as usual. Pfui.

-The Gneech
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