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Are You Sure That's Distilled Water?

I must have gotten the same model of CPAP as indigoskynet, 'cause I was having dreams of the zombie apocalypse all night. Or, more accurately, the same dream in multiple episodes. The zombies themselves almost never made an appearance, except as flickering shadows seen at a distance moving around in firelight, but they weren't the stereotypical "shuffle, groan" zombies ... they were more like feral predators. Some of them at least also had at least glimmers of intelligence, as they arranged various stratagems by sending hand-written notes to targeted people.

The rules of this particular zombie apocalypse were:

  1. Zombies could only leave their lairs at night.

  2. Any non-zombie out after dark was at least 50% likely to be swarmed and turned into a zombie.

  3. Society was rapidly collapsing as key members got zombified.

  4. Everybody kept trying to go on as if life were normal anyway.

This made for some very interesting sociological deathtraps. Rush hour traffic was one big one that I remember -- every non-zombie person went to work as normal in the morning, but had to get home before dark. Which meant that naturally every road became impassable at twilight as all the last-minuters rushed home in a panic and got stuck in backups. This of course meant that the zombies would hang out near major traffic arteries so that when the sun went down, they'd have a legion of sitting ducks to choose from.

Another example I remember was all of the teenagers rampantly having sex all over the place because they all believed they were gonna die any day now, and didn't want to die a virgin.

I remember that there was a plot of sorts ... I was involved with a kind of "armed resistance" that was trying to deal with the zombies, but the organization was so loose and everyone involved in it so "lone wolf"-ish that nothing much was actually getting accomplished. I kept thinking it was like being in a bad movie/TV show, where every character in the story was so busy "being characterized" that none of them were doing the basic level of cooperation needed to actually survive the situation, right down to the cliché leader getting a note from a now-zombified loved one (I think it was his brother), claiming to want to "work out a compromise" and of course the leader went along with it because, "He's my brother. I have to try to save him."

And then he got eaten. Duh. I told you so, moron.

Anyway, another night of precious little rest, because my brain wouldn't shut up. Harumph.

-The Gneech
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