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Artspots Pick of the Indeterminate Time Period

Actually, this one is more ruminations on the subject matter, rather than about the art itself, although the art is certainly well-executed. :)

'Vixen 'kini' by dingbat
'Vixen 'kini' by dingbat

It's a bikini babe in a cheesecake pose. Go fig.

Instead of going "Huhuhuh, bikini..." when I encounter an image like this one, I always find myself wondering what the woman is thinking at the moment captured. I realize that represents Guy Failure on my part and might possibly be considered insulting to the artist, but what can I say? I'm an eccentric. I also realize the irony of it, considering I do a comic about a supermodel and her Pretty People pals ... but in some ways, I think it may be the reason I can do a comic like that and have it work as a story.

The reality of life is that I have a decent number of women friends, but few of them have the build (and fewer the inclination) to pull cheesecake poses in bikinis. It occurs to me that the sort of gal this image depicts is about as alien to me as a small blue furry creature from the Crab Nebula might be. Is she thinking about the viewer? Is she thinking about her own feelings? Does she take the situation seriously or is it all a put-on that she'll giggle about later?

Granted, this particular gal is a complete fiction anyway. But there are real gals like this out there -- the Dragon*Con Booth Bunny comes to mind. I wonder what they're like, when they're not being bikini babes?

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