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Random Self-Critique

Dear Gneech:

When you revamp your art style for the new version of SJ, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Cut back on those huge, horizontal muzzles. They get in the way of characters' eyes!

  • Speaking of eyes, make them a tad bigger generally. Not anime-huge, but bigger than the little beads you tend to do now. (With the exception of Stretch Ferret, of course!)

  • Use more photo reference. It always improves your art by 200%.

  • Thumbnail first. Don't compose on the page.

  • When possible, put at least a week between the draft and the final product.

  • More shadows in the inks. Practice this muchly!

  • Rulers are your friend. You know you can't draw a decent straight line without one. Don't be lazy!

  • Ditto model sheets. Particularly since you're redoing all of the character designs anyway.

  • Speaking of models, work out new marking/mask sheets and stick to 'em. Try to keep the markings on the hands/feet very simple, to avoid clutter around what are already difficult areas to draw.

  • Study Sue, Vince, Herbie, iktis muchly, particularly the character designs. Look for underlying structures.

  • Your perspective sucks, except when it's great. Tighten this up.

  • Don't be afraid to get more expressionist. Make Dover skinnier, Katie chunkier, Tiffany curvier, etc. Not to the point of total distortion, but more than you do now.

  • Try to be looking at good art when you're getting ready to draw. Think about what makes it good and incorporate that!

  • Finally, don't get discouraged. Look how far you've come!

Your pal and second-harshest critic,
The Gneech

PS: Other critiques welcome. :) I'm mostly posting this here so I'll remember it.
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