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Hello From MLD's House!

Well, in a development that surprises absolutely no-one, I'm not at the hotel because somebody at Doubletree totally didn't write it down when Vince put my name on the room. This is something like the four hundredth time this has happened to me, and one of the reasons I tend to be the one booking the room.

Still, as that's the only snag so far, things are going well. :) What time I -did- spend in the hotel, I noticed a strange phenomenon which has been happening to me for a while now but is getting quite pronounced -- specifically, the dopplegangers.

So far I have seen not-Graveyard Greg, not-Bauske (twice), not-Tony Ringtail (along with real-Tony Ringtail), not-WalksAmongStars, not-Xydexx, and several not-that-guy-I-see-at-every-con-but-don't-know-his-name. Granted, I was only in the hotel a few minutes, but this time around the dopplegangers outnumbered the actual peoples! It was bizarre.

It's a good thing I didn't see not-Vince, or I would have tried to get a room key off him.

-Real The Gneech
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