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Alas, laurie_robey is bit by da bug too, or some other related bug, so now we're both sorta shambling around the house.

However, this did not stop us from going out to the public library on a secret mission towards our destiny of World Conquest Through Comics! I cannot tell you what the mission was, due to a nondisclosure agreement I signed with myself, but I can tell you that the mission was a complete success, and we're now one step closer to our ultimate goal.

MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! *lightning, thunder*

Sorry, got carried away there.

We also stopped at Target and got some tote bins to store stuff that had been scattered all over the Bowflex since late summer, enabling us to get back to that. DDR is all well and good, but pumpin' iron is a vital part of our fitness routine that had been neglected while we dodged 16-ton weights.

So tonight, probably, I'll finish the Bull & Oyster pic; tomorrow, more drawing SJ!

Also, watch this space for news about NeverNever in the next few days, as we get the last few details hashed out.

-The Gneech
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