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More Than One Kind of Workout

In the weeks leading up to Further Confusion, I started building up a good head of steam on Suburban Jungle in terms of getting ahead and staying ahead on the art -- a head of steam which was then doubled by the strangely-fortunate circumstance of getting sick, which gave me the opportunity to stay home and work on comics stuff for a few days.

Emboldened by this buffer, I inserted "Wesha Week," the last of the auction cameos still outstanding, gambling that even though it's a week of double-sized strips and thus roughly double my normal output, I'd be able to keep riding the momentum in order to keep from getting back into the trap of drawing the night before the strip was due.

Just to give myself a little more wiggle room, I drew the strip for Monday the 25th before starting, so that even if Wesha Week did knock out the immediate buffer, I'd have next weekend to recover.

Well, I'm pleased to report that I just finished Friday's strip. :) And what's more, as these were cameo strips and double-sized to boot, I made a point of extending myself, putting in fully-rendered scenes and at least a few panels of heavy perspective work. So the net result is that even with a week of double-sized strips, I am still a week ahead and put in some serious art practice instead of just going with the easy default of several panels of talking heads. :)

It's been quite a challenge, but I'm pleased with the result. Now ... on to next week!

-The Gneech
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