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jamesbarrett (11:09:03 AM): I've come to watch you flail, i hear it's an interesting experience :)
the_gneech (11:09:16 AM): It's over-rated.
jamesbarrett (11:09:36 AM): man, and here I had popcorn and everything
the_gneech (11:09:56 AM): Ya just can't depend on rumors.
jamesbarrett (11:10:06 AM): apparently
the_gneech (11:10:26 AM): Now you know! And knowing is half the battle.

G.I. Jooooeeee!
jamesbarrett (11:10:47 AM): *shakes his head at you*
the_gneech (11:11:01 AM): =:-o
jamesbarrett (11:12:43 AM): I'm having opposite reaction day today; yesterday, I slept like 12 hours. now I can't sleep at all
the_gneech (11:13:20 AM): In that case, up and at 'em!
jamesbarrett (11:13:42 AM): only have 2 or 3 more hours before I start losing sleep
the_gneech (11:14:36 AM): *thinks*

I have no meaningful reply to that statement.
jamesbarrett (11:14:41 AM): yay!
the_gneech (11:14:56 AM): Or that one.
jamesbarrett (11:15:01 AM): woohoo!
the_gneech (11:15:15 AM): This could go on all day.
jamesbarrett (11:15:18 AM): yep
the_gneech (11:15:45 AM): He agreed the 15 PDF files hosted on the HRSA IC website should be taken down until they can be replaced with 508 compliant files (three of the publications/files have been archived). The 12 remaining files have been removed. We have HTML files for two of the publications, we would need to add a HMTL file column on the website. Currently, if we add the URL (to where the HTML file is posted) to the URL field in ICS, the HTML file is listed on the website as a PDF.
jamesbarrett (11:16:15 AM): uh huh ooookay
the_gneech (11:16:35 AM): Hey, if you're going to be nonsensical at me, you're gonna have to compete with my job!
jamesbarrett (11:16:52 AM): awe, man, make it hard for me why don't ya
the_gneech (11:17:13 AM): job: *is undefeated at nonsense*
jamesbarrett (11:17:30 AM): this sucks
the_gneech (11:17:38 AM): *snicker*
jamesbarrett (11:17:49 AM): I'm gonna complain, somewhere out of earshot
the_gneech (11:18:11 AM): job: *does a really bizarre victory dance*
jamesbarrett (11:18:23 AM): =:-o

...and this is just one sample of my day's surreality!

-The Gneech
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