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re: Medical Stuff

Peripheral Arterial Report:
  1. Hemodynamic measurements are c/w normal perfusion pressures.

  2. Proximal waveforms show no evidence of significant aortoiliac disease.

  3. No significant plaquing is noted.

  4. Normal distal doppler flow velocity profile with normal peak velocities.

Net Result: Normal.

Lumbar MRI:
For some reason, they got in their head that I was born in 1963 instead of 1969. So they're comparing me to a 44-year-old baseline instead of a 38-year-old. Whether that will impact the findings, I don't know. But the report says:

The bone marrow signal demonstrates mild Modic Type II degenerative signal inferior endplate L1. There [sic] Schmorl's nodes superior and inferior endplate L1 as well as superior endplate L2. The conus is normal and ends at L1.

L1-L2: Mild disc desiccation and bulge of the annulus. No spinal stenosis.

L2-L3: Normal

L4-L5: Disc desiccation with small central protrusion.

L5-S1: Disc desiccation with mild bulging annulus

Impression: Mild multilevel dis disease. No spinal stenosis or compromise of the exiting nerve roots.

Net Result: Mild, normal changes. Otherwise normal.

So ... neither test showed much. Which is great, except that my leg still hurts. :P I go back to the doc a week from Tuesday, hopefully something will come of it.

-The Gneech
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