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Happy birthday to vlad_badger! And while I'm at it, happy belated birthdays to m0nkeygrl, stripeymaney, and sirfox! Forgotten English (© Jeffrey Kacirk) all around!

To expell; to be furked, to be expelled; Winchester School Glossary.
--William Cope's Glossary of Hampshire Words and Phrases, 1883

A Military Officer -- Nevermore
On this date in 1831 Boston-born poet Edgar Allen Poe was formally booted from the US Military Academy, West Point, after quickly rising to the rank of sergeant-major. Poe's ongoing disagreements with his wealthy, alcoholic stepfather resulted in the teen's being saddled with large educational debts when he was disowned. A classmate recalled that Poe's "wayward and capricious temper made him at times utterly oblivious or indifferent to the ordinary routine of roll-calls, drills, and guard duties." Although he excelled in academics, Poe also became a notorious class-cutter. He was continually hazed by other students, who resented his innate intelligence and his easily-had good grades and promotions, and teased him for being the son of an actor and an actress. The proud poet was also castigated for writing versus ridiculing his teachers and the academy. After one semester he was court-martialed and expelled for truancy from chapel services, gross neglect of duty, and disobedience.

All fine qualities in a poet, but yeah, not so hot in a soldier.

-The Gneech
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