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Sleep is for the Week

The first dose of Lyrica [1] seems to have been at least somewhat effective. The pain is still there, but it's subdued enough that I can tolerate it and sleep.

Sleep. Wonderful sleep!

All last week I was out of it ... I've been pushing myself pretty hard on the art front lately, not just in keeping ahead on Suburban Jungle, but on trying to clear out other projects such as the AnthroCon art book and some stuff I've owed Graveyard Greg [2] for Carpe Diem since roughly the Carter administration. That's all well and good, except that it wears me out after a while, and last week, fueled at least in part by the fact that I wasn't sleeping, my brain and body said "QUIT IT FOR A WHILE, PLSKTHXBYE."

Thus my sudden fixation on running some Star Wars. To a spazoid brain like mine, a change is as good as a rest. So instead of driving myself into exhaustion over art, I drove myself into exhaustion over gaming. Not that it wasn't a short trip.

So last night, with my leg turned down to "simmer", I slept. I would have slept better if it weren't for the helicopter hovering over our house from 11:30 - midnight (argh), but once that was gone, so was I. That inky blackness thing? Oh yeah. Not just sleep, but SLEEEEEEP.

I feel much better today. :) I'm still a little out of it -- one doesn't sleep like the dead and not feel a little woogy for a while afterwards -- but I'm hoping that will pass quickly and I'll be back in shipshape by the end of the day and drawin' like a maniac again.

-The Gneech

[1] Why do prescription drugs all have Bad Fantasy Character Names? "I am Nexium, Lord of Darkness! Go forth, Zyrtec, and slay all who oppose me!" "Nay, Nexium! For I, Avacor, will use the mighty Sword of Zoloft to oppose your tyranny!"

[2] Owed in the sense of "said I would do it," rather than any form of contractual obligation, 'cause the punk's never paid me a thin dime for the art I've done him! If I wasn't totally using him for promotional purposes, I'd resent it. ;P
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