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From the "Holy Crap, It IS the Future After All!" Department...

c/o gamera_spinning, whose ability to find cool stuff knows no bounds...

Telepathic phone call technology. Also has applications for, say, controlling wheelchairs with your mind, Professor Hawking. Holy crap. 0.o

While I'm at it, also from gamera_spinning, Speed Racer full-length trailer. Has more footage, including some sweet Mach 5 maneuvering, but lacks the punch of the teaser, I think. Still, looks cool. :) It's not an accident that much of the action looks like kids playing with Hot Wheels, after the kids are digitally edited out.

-The Gneech

PS: And now, a useless piece of SWSE trivia: at character scale (i.e., 2 meters per 1/2" square), a Star Destroyer map would be 33 feet long.
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