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Buddha the Sociable :)

Buddha (our rescued kitty) is becoming downright sociable. Today we had a guy come in to measure and order hardware for our new window installation [1], and Buddha just looked over at him as if to say, "'sup?" and went back relaxing on the chair.

This is merely the most recent in a series of not-running-from-strangers-in-panic episodes for Buddha, which also include not running from the original window sales rep (twice!), and letting hantamouse (who Buddha had previously been terrified of) pet him on gaming night.

I'm taking this as a sign that Buddha feels more comfortable and secure in his home environment now, and not being scared that every new person who appears is somehow going to carry him off and do bad things to him. He's still very attached to us -- he sleeps on the foot of bed every night, he tries to stay within 10' of at least of us at all times, and is prone to making himself comfortable exactly in the midpoint between us if we're in different rooms -- but he's not so prone to squooshing himself into my lap and burying his face to hide from the world. As "D'Aawww!"-inspiring as that was, I'm glad to see him becoming less fearful.

While I'm on the subject of good news re: Buddha, I'll also mention that his health is doing great. :) Except for the lingering cherry eye, to look at him now you'd never know that there had been anything wrong with him.

-The Gneech

[1] The windows in this house, are original to this house. That is to say, 1974. About as energy-efficient as leaving your refrigerator door open while simultaneously cranking the furnace up to 90°, turning on all your TV sets at once, and leaving the vacuum cleaner turned on for no good reason. Plus the locks don't work, so we've had to install cludgy add-on locks. Oh, and did I mention that they're extremely difficult to open and close? Yeah, new windows time, definitely.
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