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Rational, Well-Reasoned Loathing

Unlike many, I don't loathe MS Word because it comes from MicroSoft ... I loathe it because it's a piece of crap software. In the past I've stuck with WordPerfect, because even the version I have which is a decade old is superior than the most up-to-date version of MS Word.

Unfortunately, I also discovered the hard way last night that my version of WordPerfect and Adobe CS3 are fundamentally incompatible. Sigh. Attempting to use the PDF distiller results in a hung program, attempting to convert a WordPerfect file through Acrobat itself gives you the message "this file is corrupted," and attempting to import a .wpd file into InDesign reveals that InDesign no longer recognizes it as a placeable file format.

So now I'm pondering what to do. I downloaded OpenOffice and will probably experiment with that. I can also write in WP and then cut-and-paste into InDesign, but that seems a lot of hoops to jump through. If all else fails I could upgrade WP again I suppose, but I really get tired of randomly having to spend another $100 this month to do what I already had paid for the ability to do last month. The upgrade treadmill gets really tiresome after a while.

-The Gneech
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