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"Lothlorien" Meets "Last of the Mohicans"

The story moved ahead in my Red Hand of Doom game tonight; the party traveled north to find the wild elves in the swamps and enlist their help. One ambush by the bad guys, followed up by an ambush by the good guys later, and six hobgoblins, three barghests, and one greenspawn razorfiend were pushing up daisies and the heroes were in the elf settlement.

RHoD as written is a little uneven in its presentation of the Tiri Kitor; in some spots they're sort of depicted as being "like wood elves, but slightly moreso", whereas in others they're more like what Burning Man wishes it were. I tend to like my wild elves more wildey than that ... basically like this picture by Brom which I originally saw in the 2E Elves supplement. So I've been trying to get across Starsong Hill as a kind of "Lothlorien" meets Last of the Mohicans, with all of the elves staring at the players awkwardly, ignorant of the ways of men and afraid to do anything that might be misinterpreted. Of course, elves are still elves no matter how wild ... they may live in teepees, but damned if those aren't the most elaborate, beautifully-crafted teepees you've ever seen!

RHoD is going well overall. It's something of a rarity for me in that I'm running it pretty much straight as written, with minimal changes (more like "flavor of interpretation" as in the case of the wild elves). Usually by this stage in any module, particularly one as long as RHoD, I've gutted it, rearranged half of the cast, and completely altered the monster population. I'm not sure why I haven't been doing that this time around, other than RHoD doesn't really need it. This game was meant to be a stopgap between the Bissel game that got hung by camstone's non-availability, and the uncertain future of D&D while we cringe and wait for the 4E bomb to hit. I'm not trying to catch a particular feel or run with a particular theme, and I don't really have a lot of creative investment in how it goes. For once, I'm just playing the game to be playing the game, if that makes any sense. So I'm enjoying it, and I certainly hope the players are enjoying it, but I don't think it's going to be a landmark event in my "gaming career," so to speak. But it's a good, solid game, and that's certainly nothing to sneeze at.

-The Gneech

BTW, my players: the handouts from the session are up on my D&D page, including a slightly-nicer formatted version of the intro than the one I put up last night, and the portraits for Sellyria and Trellara.
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