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Cherry Blossoms

laurie_robey and I made our pilgrimage downtown to take pictures of the Japanese tourists ;) at the Cherry Blossom Festival this morning, bright and early. Well, early anyway. It started out cloudy and cold, then got sunny and temperate as we were halfway on our circuit around the tidal basin, then got cloudy and cold again. But it was a very pleasant walk, and we got some nice pictures. Most of those were taken by Laurie, but a few of the more artsier ones were mine. I'll leave to readers to speculate which is which. Normally, the festival is considerably warmer, but the trees bloomed early this year, and March is doing its best to say cold and dreary this year.

In other news, it's quite apparent that I just plain suck at the Rogue Squadron games. Bleah. I got through the entire series of Wing Commander and most of its spinoff games on the normal difficulty ... but even after I gave up and started using cheat codes, I still can barely get past the third level. And given that these days my tolerance for video-game-related stress is very thin, I guess I'm just SOL on that score.

I mean, yeah, I could just play the Death Star Battle level again and again ... but I think the entertainment value would wane after a while.

-The Gneech


Mar. 31st, 2008 07:17 am (UTC)
I never did get all too far in the Wing Commander series. I finished 1, 2, and all of their spinoffs...but never did finish 3. After the whole Heart of the Tiger thing, I just couldn't make myself finish.

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