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"Art Still Too Damn Hard" Announces Local Cartoonist

Local cartoonist and noted weirdo John "The Gneech" Robey announced today that art was
"still too damn hard." Gneech apparently made the comment in reference to his attempts
to draw upcoming Suburban Jungle strips without sucking, a task he finds next to
impossible, even after thirty-plus years of practice.

"Perspective crosses my eyes and gives me a headache," Gneech elaborated. "{expletive
deleted} backgrounds. Can't I just draw characters floating in space and be done
with it? And what was I thinking having tigers for the main characters? Trying to draw
Conrad's back is frickin' torture. Not only do I have to get the anatomy right, then I
have to get the stripes right over top of it! Cripes."

When asked if this meant that Suburban Jungle was still on schedule for its slated
April 21 return date, Gneech sighed heavily and said, "Yeah, that's what I'm aiming for.
Now that the Cherry Blossom festival and my parents' anniversary party are taken care of,
all that's left of life getting up in my face is replacing the windows on the house. If
I can get some drawing done this week and next week, then during the week when the windows
are being done the strip can already be running while I concentrate on dealing with all
the associated moving around of stuff."

When asked how his struggles with meralgia parasthetica figured into his plans, Gneech
was quoted as saying, "Ouch, jeepers, don't remind me. The 100 mg Gabapentin daily last
week didn't seem to do much of anything, so per instructions I've raised it to 200 mg.
I hope it starts helping soon, 'cause having these pains in the leg is a real pain in
the leg. Er. You know what I mean."

Gneech was unavailable for further comment, as at that moment Buddha the kitty came over
to Gneech's chair and demanded some pettin's. Further details as events warrant.
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