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Artspots/Jaxpad Picks of the Indeterminate Time Period

Been a good week for it. :) Which is good for me, 'cause I can use the inspiration.

'Good Day to Ride' by chlorophyta
'Good Day to Ride' by chlorophyta

I love odd angles and well-done perspective. :) Nice work!

'Raccoon in a dinner jacket' by Goldenrod
'Raccoon in a dinner jacket' by Goldenrod

It's a raccoon! In a dinner jacket! What's not to love? It instantly reminds me of Herbie [1], and that's a good thing. :) I wish I could pull of this Disney-esque style.

'Our house...' by Kehza
'Our house...' by Kehza

Brigid and Greg, the cartoon!

-The Gneech

[1] Or "the artist formerly known as Herbie," depending on whatever he's calling himself this week. ;)
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