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Sing the Praises of Pants!

Systematically, every pair of work trousers I own has been undergoing Critical Structural Failure, to the point where I'm beginning to suspect conspiracy.

So, tho it pains me to do so (because I'm lazy), I've broken down and ordered five new pairs. The nice thing about ordering from Casual Male is that I can get them, well not quite tailored, but hemmed to my specifications. And when you have a 33" inseam and a passion for cuffs, that's a big deal! (You try finding 33" trousers with cuffs off the rack. I dare you.)

I also had a cardigan call my name while I was shopping, which is a tad silly given that we're getting into the warm weather now and I probably won't have occasion to wear it until October. But I've been wanting one like this for a while now (and not to do Mr. Rogers cosplay, I don't know how these crazy rumors get started), so I might as well grab it and just shove it into the closet over the course of summer.

I've been a bit remiss in the clotheshorse department lately anyway, so hopefully this will take up the slack.

Oh, speaking of clotheshorses, Classic Style Magazine, source of the icon for this post, still thinks it's Fall 2007 and hasn't sent out any new issues, so I suspect it's gone belly-up. Shame that, it was a great magazine for all four of its issues. Le sigh!

-The Gneech
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