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Best Weather Ever!

Today I totally want to bury the needle on the awesomometer! It's just that beautiful outside.

Unfortunately, I've got so many time-critical things pressing for attention, that I'm spending more time going around in circles trying to figure out what I'm going to do with myself, than I am actually getting things done.

What I really want to do today, I think, is novel writing, but even putting aside for the moment that I'm at work, I've got "Draw strips for next week, move stuff away from the windows for next week's installation, draw Morphy's commish, get new SJ and NN books assembled, and come up with some freakin' merchandise for AC" on my Too Much To Do List ahead of all those, in roughly descending order by urgency. The Carpe Diem stuff I told GG that I would draw two months ago because I thought I had way more time than I did needs to go in there sometime, because, y'know, I did tell him I would do it and I like to live up to that kind of claim.


Oh well, nothing to be done about it but get on it. Once, y'know, I'm not at work any more.

Oh, did I mention I need to work on Saturday to make up time for being late multiple times this week? Sleep has not been my friend. Although it was fine last night (finally), I did still end up getting up late this morning because I had so much tiredness left over from earlier this week.


-The Gneech
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