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Bruce Back to the Cah Doctah

Our plan was brilliant, and fool-proof in its simplicity. For the big pile of errands we were going to run this morning, we would take Bruce, on the grounds that he needs some exercise, and one of his tires was looking a bit mushy and needed some air.

Then, fate intervened. Bruce's starter is dead.

The battery seems to be okay ... he's got lights, buzzers, and all the usual accouterments. But he just doesn't turn over. Click! Nothing. Click! Nothing.

Well, errands wait for no one, not when you've got a weekend as packed as ours is, so we took all the stuff that was loaded into Bruce and put it into The Platinum Pearl, and went off to do a bazillion things that all got added on to our basic task of "get boxes at BJ's". Except they didn't have any. :P

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Get boxes. incomplete

Take Lemoney Snicket books and donate to book drive at Starbucks. complete
Donate other books to Reston Library. incomplete -- Reston not accepting donations.
ALTERNATE: Donate other books to Chantilly Library. complete
Find copy of Biblioholism. incomplete -- Nobody has a copy and the library has never heard of it.
Find copy of Anyone But You. complete
Find copy of How I Paid For College. complete
Get Frappuccino, bottled water, Cheerios, and tuna. complete

Got home, called AAA, and now the guy is here to tow Bruce to Reston Automotive. So off I go!

EDIT: Apparently it was the battery after all, and the Platinum Pearl was just not strong enough to give it the needed jump. Oh well, Bruce is off to the cah doctah anyway for oil change, tire rotation, inspection, and all that jazz plus a new battery now.

-The Gneech
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