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Buddha-Comforting Duty

The Pella guys are here installing the windows; they're currently working on the library and guest room. My job today seems to consist mostly of holding Buddha in my lap and reassuring him that the world isn't coming to an end. After the trauma of the haircut yesterday, he's actually holding up to Big Scary Strangers Making Big Scary Noises in the house very well, with only one moment of near-panic so far.

Basically, as long as he's got the lap of one of his family members to sit in and feel safe, he's fine. And even when he's not in a lap, he's generally okay until one of the window installers comes tromping on through with their heavy boots and flapping utility belts. Then he tends to slink away a bit and look for laurie_robey or me and get into the "pick me up" position.

Since we have the garage door standing open and the installers coming and going, we've put Buddha's collar and tag on just in case he freaks out and makes a run for it. I don't actually expect that to happen (he's more likely to run under the bed than out into the wild), but I'd rather be prepared and not have it happen, than to have it happen and not be prepared.

Still, as I say, he's remarkably comfortable with the situation, given how skittish he was once upon a time. Good kitty! :)

-The Gneech
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