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When Birthdays Attack

My resolution to pick up the berfday posts again has taken a beating. As in, I haven't done any all month. ¬.¬

So without further delay, happy belated birthday to mooivos, katayamma, guigar, trpeal, the late not forgotten wabbitcalif, babsbunny, bjbuttons, banditloaf, and berin!

Hope you don't mind sharing today's Forgotten English (© Jeffrey Kacirk)...

buttermilk cow
A bull. When children ask why a bull is not milked, they are told that he is a "buttermilk cow."
--Rollo Brown's A Word List from Western Indiana, 1912

Write No Evil
On April 24, 1704, America's first continuously published newspaper, the Boston News-Letter, printed its first issue. French visitor Maria Theresa Longworth's Teresina in America (1875) had little good to say about the American newspapers she encountered: "American newspapers contain most startling reading to strangers unaccustomed to such exposés. In England or France they would soon be suppressed by law. Their effect on young minds must be destructive to all purity and innocence. I was informed that an Act of Congress was in progress to restrain this wholesale exposure of vice. Notwithstanding all this, ladies pretend to faint if they hear the words 'bull' or 'donkey.' There are houses, certainly, where newspapers are not admitted into the family. ... American ladies scruple [hesitate] as little to display their legs as do Boulogne matoettes [fast women], but to mention them greatly shocks their sensibilities. They are particular even to straitlacedness in what they say, but not often in what they do."

'cause, y'know, vice is so much better when it's kept secret.

-The Gneech
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