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Various Random Floaty Thoughts

I'm in a very writery mood tonight; I think it's at least partially because I've been doing so much reading lately. I've mentioned that when SJ finally goes on its break I want to work on a couple of new novels, and it's on these I find myself brooding this evening. The two primary suspects are a Brigid and Greg novel (some random early draft bits of which appear in the Fictionlets), and a rather nifty Michael Macbeth novel idea I got c. 2003 and need to actually do something with before somebody else comes along and writes it out from under me.

This evening I also found myself rereading some fragments of an earlier MM novel which got to about 12,000 words before running out of steam. That particular story, featuring a creepy old house on a mountainside and a pair of ghosts with opposing agendas, was very spooky and atmospheric, and made a good "origin story" for Michael, but has precious little in the way of plot -- whereas the idea from 2003 has a much stronger story hook but starts with the assumption that Michael is already established in his chosen profession of "paranormal consultant." So I'm of two minds as to which of those would be better to focus my attention on, assuming that I actually focused my attention on either one.

I do need to do something with my writing, tho. For the past 8-14 months I've felt like I was really spinning my wheels creatively, trying to grind my way through to a good pausing point for SJ while fighting with all of the "life is what happens while you're making other plans" stuff such as house, cat, health, etc. I don't want to pull the plug on my comics projects where they stand, but great googily-moogily if sometimes it doesn't feel like they're the dinner guest who won't leave.

Ah well. Tomorrow I intend to get up as early as I can stand it, come downstairs, and start cranking on projects without allowing myself to be distracted by errands, tasks around the house, or shiny things on the internet. I'm supposed to take my mom cellphone-shopping, but I will probably ask for a raincheck on that and try to get her to go later in the week. The sooner I clear away some of the backlog, the sooner I can start making progress on projects that will be more effective use of my time and talents.

Meanwhile, world, g'nite and have an awesome tomorrow. :)

-The Gneech
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