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Greetings From the Laptop, Le Sigh

My new, barely-out-of-the-box computer, GORT, had a brain hemorrhage this evening. After a bit of round-and-round with the Dell chat help, the net result is "This particular problem requires you wipe your hard drive and restore it to the factory default."

I wailed and gnashed my teeth. Only on the inside, 'cause I'm brave, but still.

So now GORT is having his brain re-installed. Fortunately, data loss will be minimal because I've got very thorough backups, having suffered catastrophic hard drive failures before. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to reinstall and re-configure (and re-update) every freakin' driver and bit-o-software.

So, there went my weekend. :P

Tomorrow's SJ will be a filler piece utilizing files I had elsewhere. I'm not sure when new strips will go up. It depends on how much time I have to spend on GORT instead of on art, I guess.

Oy vey.

-The Gneech
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