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Hello, Mrs. Entity! Been Shoppin'?

No, I been shoppin'!

Slept in this morning, which is something I've been needing since somewhere in the neighborhood of 1877. Once I was up, breakfasted, and LiveJournaled, I spent some time continuing to rebuild GORT's brain. Then laurie_robey and I went off to do something about the curtains.

I've mentioned previously in this space that the replacement windows invalidated every set of venetian blinds in the house, leaving us more or less exposed to the wide world 24/7 (with the exception of the bedroom, which we becurtained as soon as it was done). We weren't real enthused about squinting out at our neighbors in our morning jammies, and our neighbors were even less so I suspect. So, pausing only to take Anyone But You back to the library, Laurie and I raided Lowe's; Linens'N'Things; and Bed, Bath & Beyond; we came away with a metric pile of curtains, curtain rods, finials (which is just fun to say), and brackets.

This was rounded off by Brigid-approved pizza from Pomodoro, which was close enough to perfect as made no difference.

We now at least have the front of the house either completely curtained or closed off by doors, and GORT is almost back into full operating condition. If I can get the scanner and drawing tablet working by tomorrow, I will put up some sort of grab-baggy thing on Suburban Jungle Monday and the story will pick up again Wednesday.

Now, I'm knocking off for the night and listening to Hot Jazz Saturday Night, celebrating Bing Crosby's 105th birthday. What a cool cat. :)

-The Gneech
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