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Mach Go! Go! Go!

Mach-Go! Go! Go!
His hand-woven scarf
flutters in the wind
There is nothing that he fears
Go! Go! Go!

Like father, like son
He can not tolerate
the shame of defeat
Your racer is on the move
There's no looking to the rear
"Let me zoom to triumph
carried away by the winds of victory"

Mach-Go! Go!
Mach-Go! Go!
Mach-Go! Go! Go!

With your foot
on the pedal
race your way to
the ends of the Earth
And with youth on your side
Go, go, go!

NUMBER FIVE [1], Mach-Go!
Focus your eyes
and behold
his stamina and depths of endurance
Make it your race around the track
Race your car towards righteousness
Burst open that door to your
"Ship of Good Fortune"

Mach-Go! Go!
Mach-Go! Go!

[1] In English.
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