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Sounding Off -- Okay Here

There was some pretty scary stuff, with window glass bowing in and out, trees coming down, that kind of thing. There are reports that a tornado did touch down in Falls Church (something like 5-10 miles east of where we were), and we saw three largish trees completely decimated — one in the parking lot at work, one a block over from our house. So yeah, it was a heck of a storm. One person was killed when a tree fell on the car they were riding in.

However, other than the lingering and inevitable traffic snarl, it passed very quickly. The storm was moving at something like 50 MPH and lasted something like 45 minutes from start to finish from our POV at work.

This was followed up by dinner with the family, and I'm not sure which was scarier. ¬.¬

-The Gneech
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