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I Know I Left My Grindstone Around Here Somewhere...

Back at work today. laurie_robey and I spent Weds - Fri at CFUnited, learning just how far behind the curve we were. ;) It was a good conference and fun to rub elbows with people from Adobe, various luminaries of the ColdFusion programming world including Ben Forta, and lots of ubergeek developers. We learned lots of useful stuff about security, refactoring to a more OOP approach from our current procedural-code model, and so on. It wasn't quite as much fun as, say, Dragon*Con, but it was sure nice to get out of the cubicle for a while!

But like all cons, it must come to an end, so today I'm back in the cubicle, trying frantically to apply the lessons I learned rather than just fall back into my previous habits. And I've got a lot of stuff that needs to be done by Wednesday, 'cause Thursday begins AnthroCon! So I guess I better stop blathering here and get to work.

-The Gneech
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