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So, Fairfax Hospital, My Old Nemesis, We Meet Again!

This time it was to visit jamesbarrett, who admitted himself to the emergency room this morning for what he thought was chest pain. Turns out it was mid-abdominal pain and he gets to have an organ removed tomorrow! I'll let you speculate on which one, but the good news is that he's alive and reasonably well and should be out in a few days. We took him a 4E Player's Handbook so he'd have something to read; we also encountered his sister, whom I hadn't seen since the 1980s or so, who was visiting him as well.

For those inclined, you can drop him well-wishes at his journal — I'm sure he'd love to see a full inbox when he gets home.

Anyway, that threw a monkeywrench into my art plans for this evening; on top of the stinky stressball of a day I had at work, I'm now very much inclined to give the whole thing a miss at this stage and sit in the corner with Buddha in my lap and a good book to read. AnthroCon is bearing down on me fast like a … big … furry convention … in Pittsburgh. Tomorrow I work, tomorrow night I pick up the van, Thursday morning I pick up mammallamadevil at the airport and hantamouse at his house, then we drive, drive, drive and schlep stuff to the convention hall, I spend Friday and Saturday drawing 'til my hand falls off, Sunday I draw for a while then we schlep stuff to the FedEx store and drive, drive, drive home, then Monday I'm back at work.

The good news is, I have the 4th of July off! I'll need it. 0.o

-The Gneech
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