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Saturday night, 10:45 pm-ish. AnthroCon 2008 has been busy and fun and semi-surreal, but fortunately fairly drama-free and certainly productive. The main memory I think I'm going to take away from this one, besides that damn bicycle race, is the humidity. It hasn't been all that hot, but the humidity has been extreme and persistent. You can't even open a door to the outside without instantly picking up a quarter-inch layer of sticky air and sweat that just pastes your clothes to your skin and makes your hair, your shirt, and any paper you may be carrying turn into a squiggly, limp mess. The bottom of the ocean is not as humid as Pittsburgh has been this weekend.

We did Anthropoly last night, which was pretty fun, and the Webcomics 101 panel today, which was not. I don't want to be rude about it, but I was very unhappy with both the way the panel was presented, and how I was treated by one of the other panelists. I don't think anyone in the audience felt like they got what they came for, and I know I felt bad on their behalf about how useless a presentation it was.

Still, that's been the only real downside of an otherwise good convention. I've stuck to almost-exclusively pencil art this time, since the humidity makes markers go splorch — but even so I've had to turn sketchbooks away in order to make sure I could finish everything I promised to people at a reasonable level of quality. Sales have been fairly brisk considering that I only have a few new items on the table this time, but I've met a lot of new fans (or at least, fans I've never met before, regardless of how long they've been fans). I also got to meet and have dinner with torakiyoshi, whom I've been chatting with off and on for ages now.

So, it's been good. :) Tomorrow we need to hit the road as soon after 2:00 as we can in order to get back to VA hopefully sometime before midnight. Unfortunately, hantamouse is bidding on pieces in the art show, and he won't be able to pick up his purchases until starting at 2:00. So depending on his luck there, we could be out by 2:30, or we could linger until 4:00 or later. And of course we'll be fighting that damn bicycle race again on the way out, which could make our attempts to leave Pittsburgh interesting to say the least.

Ah well, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it! Good night, world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)

-The Gneech
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