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Besides "Gibbering," What Talents Should a Cultist Have?

Some people unwind with Super Smash Bros. — I do it with supernatural dread. So I've started actually doing some real noodling on the Saga Edition / Call of Cthulhu fusion idea, and I've run up against some unexpected difficulties, not the least of which is Talents. So far I've been able to pull several of the talents from Sword & Sorcery Saga and remap them a bit. So far:

Adventurer was the easiest, getting a mashup of talents from the Scout and Warrior classes, plus a "Combat Focus Talent Tree" that enables him to crank up his BAB.

Fixer (formerly "Shadow") gained a lot of the talents from the Rogue, plus a "Gumshoe Talent Tree" that has talents good for private eyes, such as "Licensed" and "Insightful Deduction."

Scholar, which I'm working on now, is a bit trickier. In S&S Saga scholar was a cross between a D&D bard and sorcerer; in a mystery/horror context a scholar is more like a doctor, professor, or antiquarian. So while he still gets the Lore and Priesthood Talent Trees (with some tweaking), I'm not sure what else to give them. I figure that the Adept and Hypnotism trees from S&S Saga should probably go to the Visionary, assuming that Hypnotism is left at all, and the Alchemist Talent Tree has no place at all. I suppose I could try some kind of a tree for Doctor/Psychologist types, giving them the ability to do surgery and whatnot. I'm not sure what to give them that would be more generally useful, tho — enhanced healing or the ability to mitigate SAN loss, maybe?

Socialite should be pretty easy, getting mostly stuff from the Noble and a bit of the Rogue's charming abilities.

Visionary will be tricky; I'm figuring they'll have some psychic abilities, as well as some enhanced senses or insight abilities. I was also thinking perhaps of what boils down to roughly a "Mad Science Talent Tree," although it would need a name change to fit the intended atmosphere better. (Prerequisite: SAN 30 or less?) I wonder if this might be better as a path for the Scholar, however. Was "Herbert West, Reanimator" a scholar, or a visionary? Tough call.

I'm open to suggestions!

-The Gneech
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