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Steady As She Goes

It's a sad fact of human nature that the more days there are on a weekend, the shorter it seems to be. Here it is Monday already and I haven't finished everything I wanted to do by Saturday night! But it's okay. One major reason that I didn't get as much done as I'd intended was that on Saturday laurie_robey and I went out and did a boatload of shopping, including a trip to the McKay's Used Books that netted me four big volumes of stories reprinted from Weird Tales at $.50 - $1.00 each. Score!

(Speaking of which, I haven't seen Weird Tales lately. Did it go out of business again?)

Anyway, for the moment at least it looks like work has calmed down, I don't have any (working) cons bearing down on me, there are no family activities planned in the foreseeable future, and our major home projects (that I know of, at least) are done until autumn.

THANK YOU, POWERS THAT BE! Please continue this happy trend for as long as possible!

For you see, this means that hopefully I can stop treading water and start making progress again. I have a commission that's been getting shoved aside since last year sometime that I really wanted to finish before AC but couldn't. A surprise project due this week popped up over the weekend. Both strips need attention. And gaming would be a nice change! There's also the fact that I haven't had any proper exercise for months — it's only the fact that my eating habits have shrunk drastically lately that's kept me from gaining weight.

All of these things are evidence of a Gneech with too many plates spinning in the air. So if life finally sits down and shuts up for a while, maybe I can get out from under it all! I sure hope so.

-The Gneech
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