John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
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W00t For a Productive Weekend

I love getting stuff done. :) First, between laurie_robey and myself, we finally dug out from under the pile of laundry that built up from my being at AC, followed by both of us being pummeled by work. Second, I finally finished a commission that's continually been shoved down on the priority list since MFM last year (sorry, Morphy and Isfacat, I know I suck). Third, I finished the feats for my mystery/horror campaign, which means I'm very close to being finished with the game mechanics part and can start putting more effort into the background-and-scenarios part soon. :)

Best part of all, I'm off on "personal time" today, which means I can actually start working a bit on getting ahead, if there really is such a blessed state! ;)

Okay, Too Much To Do List, yer goin' down!!!

-The Gneech
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