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Red Hand of Vague Worry

We finally managed to get everybody in the same town and not busy long enough to get in another session of D&D last night, continuing the Red Hand of Doom. After last time's fire-and-brimstone battle in the lake-flooded ruins of Rhest, this session was a fairly relaxing round of selling off loot and upgrading equipment at Starsong Hill, followed by a journey back to civilization to confer with the authorities in Brindol. They didn't get as far as Brindol, having stopped in a small town along the way and gotten embroiled in some of the problems faced by the townies and refugees, and meeting a mysterious sorceress who seems to find them just as fascinating. They also found clues as to what happened to an NPC who's gone missing, including figuring out who it was who made him go missing. Their next step is follow up on the caravan of mercenary gold sent to the Hammerfist Holds. I enjoyed it; it's always fun to have an all-RP-and-investigation session, and honestly I didn't expect to have the opportunity to use this part of the module, so I'm glad the characters went off in the direction they did, instead of the direction I was expecting. :)

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