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Verily, I Am a Geek

I am entirely too pleased that this weekend I put the final touches on the ruleset for my mystery/horror campaign, officially named it, created a character sheet, and even put up a rudimentary website:

Uncanny Midnight Tales

The next steps will be to send the Player's Guide through one more pass of editing, then put it into layout. Then will come a bit more development of Madison, VA and a few other bits of source material and writing up of stats for the initial scenario. Once that's done, it'll be character creation time and the campaign will be ready to go! I'm jazzed. :)

In other news, laurie_robey and I saw Get Smart on Sunday and quite enjoyed it. Plus, I gotta say, I got a bit wibbley when I saw the dedication to Don Adams and Edward Platt.

-The Gneech
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