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Blessed is the storm that brings sweet relief! More specifically, last night's downpour, complete with thunder, lightning, and howling winds, heralding the pass of a thrice-welcome cold front. This morning, instead of stepping out into 90°+ soup and haze, when I went to my car the air was cool, the sky was bright blue, and a gentle breeze played about. Humid still, yes, but not to the point where you could gather up the air in front of you and squeeze it like a sponge. It was positively nice out there, which for July 24th in Virginia is an impressive feat.

Of course, it won't last for long, so I'm doing my best to savor it while it's here. I also got a full and mostly-uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in a couple of weeks, making me feel more human and less zombie-like. If this trend continues, I'll be able to make progress on the strips this weekend, I hope, I hope!

In other news, which isn't really news but is something I've been thinking about lately, I'm very happy that laurie_robey and I were able to keep Buddha. Had I known how effective Zyrtec would be, keeping him would have been my plan from the start. But at the time, having a cat on the premises, no matter how much we loved him, would have been sentencing me to a life of agony.

Buddha is the first pet I've ever really had. I grew up with dogs in the house, but they weren't "my" dogs, if you see what I mean, just roommates. One was my mom's dog, one was my sister's dog, and one was my brother's dog. And while all were fond of me, none of them were bonded with me the way they were with their owners. But Buddha, in many ways, is "my" cat. When he sleeps, he likes to sleep in my lap. When he's scared, he comes to me for protection. When he's bored, he follows me around the house and meows until I play with him.

This is not to say that he isn't laurie_robey's cat too. He loves it when she carries him around, and has spent many happy evenings stretched out on her legs while she sits in her comfy chair and reads and so forth. And when he wants to go outside, she's his first choice for outdoor companion.

My point is, really, that I've never had this kind of close connection with a pet before. I miss Buddha when I'm not at home, and he misses us when we're not there. For all the stereotypes about aloof cats, the truth is that they are quite social, but because they're generally reserved around strangers and not demonstrative or eager like dogs, many people don't see their social side. When laurie_robey and I get home, Buddha doesn't immediately head for the food dish as one might expect — he makes a point of "saying hello" by coming over to us and standing in the "pick me up" spot so we'll pick him up and pet him. True, he only wants to do this for a minute or so and then he's eager to get down and have his dinner. But the point is, even though he hasn't eaten all day, to him it's more important to greet us first. We're much more to Buddha than just a pair of dinner delivery devices, we're his family. And that means a lot to us. :)

-The Gneech
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