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I've Never Done Anything Like This Before...

Specifically, I voted in the Ennies.

I don't generally do industry awards, usually because I don't feel like I've got enough information to give a fair assessment. I mean, how can I say The Complete Book of Monster Killin' is a better product than Pretensiousness: The Obscurity when I've never even seen a copy of The Complete Book of Monster Killin'?

This time, however, I felt compelled to, because Star Wars Saga Edition was up for several categories, including "Game of the Year." As you've probably guessed by now, I loves me some Star Wars Saga Edition. As big an improvement 3E was over, well, every other version of D&D, SWSE is an improvement over 3E. All of that stuff the 4E marketing team went on about being "broken" in 3E is nicely fixed by SWSE — without any of the "WoW on paper" / "classes are random collections of powers" / "you are your role in combat" / "every rule is an exception" annoyances of 4E.

SWSE has a few wrinkles, but on the whole it's very fast, very flexible, and extremely easy to work with. The fact that I've easily kitbashed it into two completely different genres (Sword & Sorcery and Mystery/Horror) is a testament to that. I never even attempted to do that kind of thing with D&D and quickly got frustrated by my attempts to do it with d20 Modern without E-Tools by my side. 3.X needs a utility like E-Tools to be workable; for SWSE, something like E-Tools is completely superfluous!

So there you have it. Finally a game good enough to make me get off my duff and vote to give it an award — and considering how pissed I still am at WotC for their despicable actions of 2007, that's pretty impressive!

Go vote for SWSE today! :D

-The Gneech
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