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Faw Down Go "Uggghhh..."

Yesterday morning I felt like total crud; headache, congestion, wheezing noises in my lungs, body aches … it was bad. So I called in sick and went back to bed, then spent most of yesterday sleeping or staring into space when I couldn't sleep any more, except for a brief jaunt out at lunchtime, which mainly ended up with me coming home and lying down again. I would periodically think "I should do some laundry while I'm home…" or "I oughta write something…" or "I need to work on the comics…" but always ended up deciding that as I was home sick, I really should just rest.

Apparently, that was the right decision, as I feel much better today. Much, much better, in fact. Heck, I'm practically perky, and given that it's 6:45 a.m., even on the best of days I should be a zombie right now.

So I guess this "rest" stuff actually works, huh? I may try to do it more often.

-The Gneech
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