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Stuff That Scared the **** Outa Me

Speaking of Space: 1999, one of my most vivid memories of the show is of a betentacled monster that sucked people up and spat out charred husks. (Interestingly enough, that same episode was mentioned at the "Horror In Gaming" panel we sat in at Dragon*Con.) I found the monster again last night on the Space: 2099 site, and unlike many things from my childhood, it still holds up. Click on the "Summary" link to see the thing in all its SAN-loss inducing horror — and remember this was a TV show made in the 1970s, with no CGI and a budget of a few thousand dollars. Holy cow!

Also, The Thing From Another World. Neither Frankenstein nor Dracula ever scared me, but The Thing sure did! Probably cause they set it on fire and it still kept coming!

Finally, Twilight Zone: The Grave. Unfortunately YouTube only seems to have the middle of the episode; and honestly, it's not like much actually happens — but I saw this episode as a kid late one night when I was sick and there was no light but the TV, and believe me, it was plenty scary.

I was going to link to various books of ghost stories that I wasn't allowed to check out from the school library but read anyway, but I've long forgotten most of the titles. At least half of them had "Alfred Hitchcock" in the name, tho...

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