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Ginormous Berfday Post!

I have been seriously remiss in my birthday posting, so here are all the ones I've missed (at least according to LJ):

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ceruleanst, deliasherman, spunkywulf, jfd62780, yappyfox, xoagray, blackpaw, spikerotty, kamau_d_lyon, twoolfe, calikat, cooner, dewhitton, canisrufus_uk, rikoshi, ryanohki, oceansedge, xydexx, tobias_wulf, joeygatorman, bearblue, wyatt1048, rigelkitty, jadedfox, jakebe, tygermoonfoxx, plonq, walkertxkitty, wesha, jim_lane, kelloggs2066, tahamaki, mooncat, r_magnusson, mistahbojangles, grifter_t_wolf, torakiyoshi, raishi_fox, punktiger, tonyringtail, stilghar, bigtig, frostdemn, malver, unlikeminerva, himura_tiger, chriscrosby, huskyteer, glitchphil, mortonfox, dhlawrence, rowyn, kinkyturtle, xianjaguar, lowen_kind, and g_2!

Hope you don't mind sharing today's Forgotten English (© Jeffrey Kacirk):


A schoolmaster, with a play on the word phlebotomist, a blood-letter.
—John Farmer and W. E. Henley's Slang and Its Analogues, 1904

A pedantical whip-arse.
—Randle Cotgrave's Dictionary of the French and English Tongues, 1611

In Late September,

an English school custom once allowed for a practice called orders, as explained in James Halliwell's Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words (1855): "The master is locked out of the school by the scholars who, previous to his admittance, give an account of the various holidays for the ensuing year, which he promises to observe, and signs his name to the orders, as they are called, with two bondsmen. The return of these signed orders is the sign of capitulation. The doors are immediately opened, beef, beer and wine deck the festive board, and the day is spent in mirth."
—William Craigie's Dictionary of American English, 1940

And then the students are immediately tear-gassed and charged with terrorism.

-The Gneech
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