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Hmm ... to Buy or Not to Buy...

There's a pay update coming out for Lord of the Rings Online, which adds Moria to the game. As a lifetime subscriber, I get some variety of special deal on a pre-order, but I haven't yet worked out exactly what the deal is.

Thing is, aside from a little noodling around this week to scratch the "Wanna be a player!" itch, I haven't actually done anything with LotRO since January or so ... when I have too many errands to run in real life, I don't exactly feel like collecting virtual wolf pelts in a fantasy world, knowwhutImean?

I guess I'll have to see what the pricing actually turns out to be. I'm certainly not going to shell out another $200 for a second "lifetime" membership just to add Moria and +10 levels. But if it's a reasonable price, I might. For when I want to noodle around with balrogs. ;P

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