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Okay, I Don't Get It.

Social/religious (sorta) post here; scroll on by if you'd like to avoid the topic.

This morning in The Washington Post, I happened upon a four-column advertisement which had a picture of some guy in a Santa hat with a sort of cartoon shrug on his face, and the caption read:

Why not be good FOR GOODNESS SAKE?"

The ad was placed by the "American Humanist Association," apparently for the purpose of proselytizing the cause of secular humanism. A little digging around on the internet reveals that this is part of a larger ad campaign that cost something along the lines of $40,000 and includes signs on buses, ads in other major national papers, and so on.

Well ... um ... okay. But I have to ask, "What's the point?"

I mean, I'm pretty much a secular humanist myself [1]; but as such, it's no skin off my nose if people believe in God or not. Is it really worth spending $40k dissing God? Particularly when that $40k could house and feed, say, families displaced by catastrophe, or possibly refugees fleeing from violence in far too many parts of the world?

Seriously, American Humanist Association, where are your priorities? I'm used to the forces of Big Christianity [2] driving around in limos while they cry about the starving children in Africa and blame (gays/liberals/foreigners/etc.) for everything bad that happens ... the last thing we need now is Big Atheism. :P

-The Gneech

[1] I do have religious beliefs of a sort, but my philosophical standpoint is that there's no way I can know whether they're actually true or not without dying, so they don't provide much of a foundation for moral or ethical behavior. That has to come from intelligence guided by experience (as Rex Stout would say).

[2] Fortunately, the era of the televangelist seems to have run its course. But for somebody who grew up in Jerry Falwell's home state, the bad taste will always linger.
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