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The Gollum Motif Continues

Another good LotRO session last night. :) Spent the evening in two successive pick-up groups, the first finishing off a terribly chore-like grinding deed (six L48-50 characters can take out 180 rock-worms, including a named elite, in a remarkably short time, as opposed to doing it by myself, which would have taken days). For the second, I once again went down, down to Goblin-Town in my first serious foray into the place.

It's not for the faint-hearted! Goblin-Town has a dense population of very tough critters, with a very fast respawn rate. It also has far too many narrow and easy-to-fall-off-of catwalks that dump you down into big open rooms full of baddies who come at you in a swarm. (In a six-person PUG, the one death of the evening was when just that scenario happened to me. I took about twenty of them with me, though! [1])

In Goblin-Town we came upon Gollum's cave and found various scattered buttons, cufflinks, and so forth from Bilbo's coat during his own foray down there. There was also a new "Great Goblin," who quickly became a late Great Goblin.

I've noticed that generally high-level PUGs are much more fun than lower- and middle-level ones; basically, the people who've stuck around long enough to get to this point are actually interested in the game (and often more prone to RP, which is a bonus), and less likely to run around drawing aggro like an idiot and expecting the rest of the group to save their behinds. Even at this level there's always that one person who won't stay with the group or follow the instructions of the designated leader. But overall there's a much better sense of teamwork — and much better use of class abilities — when you finally get to the upper tiers.

-The Gneech

[1] I have been referring to my character as a "glass cannon" for some time, as champions can do huge amounts of damage or they can act as tanks, but they can't do both simultaneously. Galadhalion is specced out as a damage machine, mainly because I find tanking very dull. However, someone on the LotRO forums came up with a better term for them, which is "glass grenade." Champs really shine when they're in the middle of a big furball doing their "flurry of blows," "explosion of blades" and other area attacks. Get one really going, and they can very quickly clear the room — if they don't get killed first. "Glass grenade" sounds better than "suicide bomber," anyway.



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Nov. 16th, 2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
I noticed you in Goblin Town last night, wish I had known beforehand. Even as a 47 Hunter, I can barely walk 10 paces into that instance without having to port home or jump back through the crack! Very hard to find groups going there.
The "glass cannon" comment is what they are using now to describe the new Rune Maker class. Think thats what I'll try for my first alt.
That comment about aggro players also struck home 2 days ago when 5 of us were trying to Hew the Wood, while one person was collecting branches the idiot would run off and attack a Pine Lord, then call for help, or pull everyone into battle before the items could be gathered.

note to self: do NOT approach Fell Guardian Statues. 20 fear + 1/5th damage = bad times
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