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My Computer Sucks So Bad...'s a wonder I don't have a black hole on my desk. :P

Won't run for more than.
Without getting strange and.
That make it very hard to.

I think that in the very near future, I'm going to have to burn up a weekend by backing up everything, wiping the hard disk, and starting over fresh. I've got everything from jdk to "The Desktop Pythonizer" leaving stray files and strange configurations littered all over the place. It wouldn't at all surprise me if I had a few webworms crawling around under the desktop, too. :P

The hardest part is going to be making sure I have all the software I need on hand before I start the process ... as katayamma's recent Photoshop troubles highlighted dramatically, this is an important step to take first! Plus, I'm always paranoid that I'm going to forget a directory of crucial files somewhere. I've done my best to organize my data in a central location, so that all I have to do is back up that location ... but having lost chunks of irreplaceable data before, I still get nervous about it. (I had a significant chunk of a novel lost to bitrot on a bad disk once.)

I believe that the gotta-haves are:

  • The writing data
  • Photoshop/ImageReady
  • the drivers for the new video card, the scanner, and the drawing tablet
  • WordPerfect
  • the Quicken data
  • the cartooning stuff
  • my FTP username/password settings

Most of my artwork and such is on a seperate drive from the HD, which makes it a little easier.

So ... when the heck do I have a weekend I can sacrifice to this?


-The Gneech
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