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Mornings BAD!

Last night I had my choice of being kept awake three different ways! I could...

  1. awaken myself and laurie_robey by not using the CPAP and having fits of apnea that cause me to snore like a freight train,

  2. awaken myself and laurie_robey by using the CPAP and having coughing fits because it kept drying out my throat, or

  3. awaken myself by using the humidifier on the CPAP and having it rain all over my face.

Because I was too groggy to think straight, I went with the second option; tonight I'll set it up to go for the third. In any case, it was a rough night.

But enough of that pain! Have some videos.

From gamera_spinning, a franchise I haven't even thought about in 25 years...

Nice to see The Rock again. He's cool. :)

From satyrblade, a Daily Show clip...

Don't hold back fellas, tell us what you really think!

-The Gneech
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