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Postcards From Middle-Earth

Galadhalion sends his greetings to everyone in LJ-land! I'll put the images behind cuts to save your friends page and my generous host's bandwidth.

Galadhalion in Moria
Welcome to Moria, a.k.a. Khazad-Dum, ancestral home of the dwarves. This is like the Texas of Middle-Earth — everything is unnecessarily huge, "because we can!" Overcompensating much? Galadhalion poses here before Durin's Stair, just inside the Hollin Gate, now cleared of the damage done by the Watcher in the Water.

Galadhalion meets the Antlered King
No idea who this guy is, but he looks important. Galadh met him in the Misty Mountains. Better not tell Wistan about him, or the idiot will try to play "great white hunter" and end up in a Goblin-Town stew pot. Like Galadh doesn't have enough people to rescue from Goblin-Town!

Galadhalion, Ridge-Racer!
That was an awful lot of work for a gag deed. Couldn't I at least have gotten a pip in Determination for it?

Galadhalion meets Bill the Pony
Another celebrity photo op. Galadh met this guy wandering around in Eregion surrounded by wolves and escorted him back to the road. He intends to send a bill to Sam Gamgee. Or possibly Bill Ferny.

-The Gneech
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